Rejection from Laundromat Quarterly

Dear Mr. Clausen,

I appreciate your recent submission to Laundromat Quarterly–the only literary journal distributed to Laundromats with the needs of Laundromat readers in mind.

There was much to like about your submission.

I found that character of Marleen especially compelling. Her conflict with the machine that won’t give back her quarter is one that our readers can relate to. Unfortunately, we receive between 20-25 submissions with a similar plot a month and can only accept the very best. We also felt that aspects of the story that involved borrowing detergent from another patron needed more development. We felt that there was too much emphasis on the developing relationship between the two patrons and their possible romance and not enough emphasis on the detergent itself.

You are welcome to submit again in the future. Please bear in mind that the Laundromat Subgenre is a very demanding one. Therefore, I recommend you purchase and read between 15-20 back issues before submitting again. Enclosed here is a reply envelope for sample issues. You can make your check payable to Laundromat Quarterly Inc or simply to “cash”.


The Editors

*If you like what you read, please be sure to check out more from my short ebook “Reejecttion”

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