A Sucker for Small Good Things

[The following is an excerpt from an extended book review of Lester Goran’s book “Bing Crosby’s Last Song.” The book review is written more like a creative essay / short story than a book review. If you are interested in reading the entire review, you can read it here: http://daniellclausen.booklikes.com/post/1170535/lester-goran-s-last-song-a-sentimental-book-review-of-bing-crosby-s-last-song %5D   I’m a sucker for … Continue reading

What to Write?

My recent foray into WordPress’s Blogging University (Blogging 101) has forced me to rethink why I write and what I post on this website. This website started as the promotional page for my novel “The Ghosts of Nagasaki“. Since then, I have used the website to post the occasional book review or short story or … Continue reading