What to Write?

My recent foray into WordPress’s Blogging University (Blogging 101) has forced me to rethink why I write and what I post on this website.

This website started as the promotional page for my novel “The Ghosts of Nagasaki“. Since then, I have used the website to post the occasional book review or short story or essay or even random idea.  I’d like to continue to do that.

I’d like this to be a space of freedom. I’d like this to be the most open-ended blog in the world. I think something good will come out of this freedom.

What do I want to write more of this year?

  • I want to write scenes here, even if they aren’t stories. (Why? Because I always thought I was weakest when writing scenes.)
  • I would like to write more about writing, hopefully in a humorous and engaging way.
  • I hope to write more about my experiences marketing “The Ghosts of Nagasaki” from abroad. I think marketing a book is hard no matter where you are, but doing so from abroad limits your options.
  • I’d like to introduce the world to my two newest books: “Something to Stem the Diminishing” and ” ReejecttIIon – a number 2.”

I have marketing objectives too. I would like to get 10 more subscribers to this blog.

Only 10? you ask.

Yep. In order to keep this a space of pure freedom, the writing has to come first. That means keeping the marketing in check and focusing on picking up readers one at a time. No big deal there.

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