ReejecttIIOn – A Number 2

What? You’re mad because you can’t have ReejecttIIon – A number 2 right away?

You’re mad because Harry and I are negotiating away our souls with Fat Bastard Literary Agency (see the cartoon below)?

Well, there is good news! You can have a digital copy of the book right now. PDF copies and ePub copies are now available.

Sure Max Bastard and his cronies might show up at your doorstep asking for money. If that’s the case, just smack him over the head with one of these forms of punctuation:

! (an exclamation mark — good for bludgeoning)
; (a semicolon — good for connecting your opponent with his certain death, even if that death is not entirely related to the thing it is connected to)
, (a comma — good for making your enemy pause to consider the consequences)
: (colon — good for listing the possible consequences of tangling with you)
. (period — make him swallow this, and it’s the end of him)

F***dge you Max Bastard and your cronies (! ; , : .) The world needs this book.REEJ - Lit Agent 001

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