Statues in the Cloud – Tease # 2


I’m still hard at work on a new novel, tentatively titled “Statues in the Cloud”. My best guess is that it will take me until 2020 to write (if life doesn’t get in the way, which it always does).

I thought it was time for another tease to prove to myself and the world that progress is actually being made.

If you’re interested, the first tease is right here:

And now for the second tease. This one comes from Chapter 3 of the novel.

Tease # 2

“When I was in middle school, I stumbled upon this play,” Aiya explained. “It was about all these Christians. It’s called ‘The Head of Mary.’ The Christians have to go around collecting the pieces of the statue. If they can assemble all the pieces of the statues, then the statue would come to life and grant the wishes of the believers.”

“It’s a beautiful story,” I said.

“There are seven pieces we need to find,” she said.

“Aiya, that statue is made out of wood.”

Then it occurred to me. She wasn’t talking about the Virgin Mary statue I’d just seen. She was talking about another one.

“You can see it in your mind?”

“I’ve seen it in my dreams. The rock I found was a sign.”

“How are we going to find these other pieces?”

“I don’t know,” she answered.

“Maybe Tommy Donnelly knows,” I said, referring to the character in the story I’d just written.

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