ReejecttIIon – A Number 2 Free on Kindle (5 days)


Daniel – What’s the matter Harry? Why are you boo-hooing like a toddler that’s just seen his favourite teddy bear go through a shredder? You shouldn’t be such a cry baby, you know.


Harry – It’s nothing, Daniel. Don’t you worry about me.


Daniel – Alright, I won’t. But do stop crying. I can’t hear the plot to The Dukes of Hazzard, and you’re getting tears and snot all over the T.V remote.


Harry – Isn’t that the same remote control that took us on a crazy trip into the television where we met Danny Zuko and The Fonz?


Daniel – Hm? Yeah, I think it is. Why do you ask? And why the hell have you started crying even more? Here, rip a page out of this poor-selling poetry book of yours and use it as a handkerchief. You’re dripping snot everywhere!


Harry – Boo-hoo-hoo…


Daniel – Whatever is the matter man?


Harry – It’s just that… You forgot.


Daniel – Forgot what? What are you drivelling on about?


Harry -It’s our anniversary! And you forgot!


Daniel – Anniversary? I don’t remember us getting hitched. And even if we did, we can’t be legally wed ‘cos I’m still married to that Albanian hooker who robbed me of all my money and ran away to Hawaii with some bloke called Disco Derek.


Harry – Don’t be daft! It’s not our wedding anniversary!


Daniel – What is it then? Our first kiss? I’ve told you a million times that I was drunk and that was just a one off thing.


Harry – No, no. It’s our anniversary of publishing our book ReejecttIIon – a number two.


Daniel – You mean the book where we get sucked into the T.V and waterski with Arthur Fonzerelli and try to keep up with Danny Zuko’s disco moves?


Harry – Exactly!


Daniel – Well, why didn’t you say so? And don’t worry Harry, I hadn’t really forgotten. In fact, I’ve just set up a giveaway on Kindle to celebrate ReejecttIIonbeing one year old.


Harry – You have?


Daniel – Yeah, it’s my present to you Harry.


Harry – Damn. I wanted a My Little Pony.





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