The Economic Principles of a Literary Life

A strong addiction and predilection to reading, writing, and other literary pursuits (often associated with hippies, bohemians, and people who wear tweed jackets) can also provide you with superior financial insights.


The following principles will illustrate my point.


A different approach to economy. Any person with literary insight will know the first sentence is too long. Abundance is not always wealth. It should read: “Writers see value where others can’t.” Value comes from an economy of words — the words not spoken or written are as valuable as the ones that are.


Libraries. Of all the publicly provided goods, libraries are perhaps the most neglected. They are the repositories of well-managed word collections.


Literacy. Literacy is a positive sum game that lifts all boats. If you can’t read or refuse to read we’re all poorer.


If you’re reading this, you are probably reading it for free. You probably understood that I’ve received no money for my efforts.


And yet…




We are both richer.


Want to increase your wealth?

Try reading more short pieces from “The Pure Writerly Moment” here on Wattpad:


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