The Great “ReejecttIIon” PDF Giveaway

There is currently a giveaway of the word-extravaganza and all-around great book of fun literary stuff —  “ReejecttIIon – A Number Two”.


In honor of the historic day when the two authors of this book actually had enough money to sponsor this Goodreads giveaway, we will be giving away free PDF copies to people willing to write reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.


You can request a free PDF by emailing Daniel directly at: ghostsofnagasaki (at) gmail (dot) com


You can check out the giveaway here:—a-number-two


You can read a description of the book and reviews here:—a-number-two?from_search=true


And now some questions and funny anecdotes:


What is ReejecttIIon (in plainer language than currently exists elsewhere on the web)?


The book is the second part of a series we hope will grow little by little into a movement. Without knowing exactly what this movement will be, we can speculate.


*A Monty Python type conglomeration of literary sketches and silly tidbits. Brilliant, but edgy.


*A Saturday Night Live in its glory days for writers — something akin to Eddie Murphy’s “James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party” sketch or Will Ferrell’s “More Cowbell” sketch. (And yes, in hindsight the book needed more cowbell!)


*A place where writers can feel good about the burn of rejection in its many forms.


What evil corporations and dark forces are sponsoring the book?


None. But not for lack of trying. We were rejected by all of them.


Does the fact that you two often describe the book as “experimental” mean that you guys are pretentious jerks who feel validated by your lack of success?




What’s your response to the often used greeting “Whazzup!”?




Since you have described your book project as the literary version of Saturday Night Live, how would you write the literary version of Eddie Murphy’s “James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub”?


James Brown contemplated the frothing water, the steam seeped into his brain little by little. Since birth he had been burdened by a genius-level intellect that often left his mouth reeling from the intensity of his own super intelligence.


“Owwwww….good God!” was a way to describe the infinitesimal pain that his nerves incurred when he tried to express the level of his intelligence verbally.


Now, rendered little more than a slave to the vulgar tastes of a dimwitted popular culture, there was nothing left to do but enter the hot tub. And yet his dignity rebelled.


“Oww….it’s a hot tub…hot in the hot tub” was just another way to express his outrage at the absurdity of the universe and his own futility to overcome it.


To be (James Brown in a hot tub), or not to be (James Brown in a hot tub)? That is the question…good God!

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the agony of stepping into a hot tub with a microphone “Owww….good God!”

Or to take arms against a sea of cameras with a well-aimed monologue on the need for social justice in America

Ow….good God! It’s racism…good God!

And by doing so, end his fame

To die, to sleep

No more — and by sleep to say we end the agony of the hot tub.

Ow….good God! It’s hot! In the hot tub!


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