The Toxic Now

We’re all feeding off a toxic carcass of now.


The internet age has made this easier — every comedian feeds off the buffoonery of our current president. (I’m convinced that the clown is actually quite boring). The latest outrage or media stunt by (insert desperate performer’s name) keeps us mildly entertained. It’s an arms race to absurdity.  


We’re all Pauley Shore adopting a child in Africa. We’re all looking for our 15-minutes of fame. If we don’t find it, we become despondent. The more resilient among us resort to weirder stunts and more elaborate get-rich-quick schemes.


This toxic carcass of now distorts our past and future. The past cannot be what it was but is instead mythologized to fit our present. The 50s is remembered so that “duck and cover” can be forgotten and Soviet paranoia never existed at all. It’s given in five-minute sound bites so that we will never have the capacity to read “War and Peace”.




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