Micro-Author Interview: Alex Drozd

About the Author

Alex Drozd is an author of philosophical science fiction. His short fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction and Spectacle, and his non-fiction has appeared in Sci Phi Journal and Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores. His second novel, If the Stars Had Teeth, will be published this summer.


What does being an indie author mean to you?

It means I can create whatever I want to create, whether the product is commercially viable or not, and, most importantly, I can write what I myself want to read. I don’t care about characters or story-telling technique or, god-forbid, romance; all I care about is ideas, and being an indie writer means I get to explore them. People aren’t nearly as interesting as philosophy or physics.


What are your writing quirks and habits?

I always prefer to write late at night, and usually in bursts. Sometimes, I’ll go weeks without writing; other times, I’ll go for weeks doing nothing but writing. I think I do this because I have to immerse myself in the story in order to put it down on paper, and staying immersed isn’t something you can do every day of the year. So, when I’m ready to write something, I force myself to think about it constantly, I only read books that relate to the subject matter or share the vibe I’m going for, and I’m no fun to be around because I’m so tied up in my own head. It’s a demanding process, but I always feel great once I finish that first draft of a manuscript.


What else do you love to do besides write and read?

I love gaming and programming. I have a small collection of friends I play online shooters with on an almost daily basis, and I’m always thinking about code. I’ve recently started programming even when I’m not at work, and I’ve decided to build my author website from scratch just for the fun of it. I’m a bit new to the craft; my educational background was in science and I didn’t do much scripting beyond whatever they throw at you in undergraduate research, but I’m going all in and having a lot of fun with it. Learning how the programs and apps we use on a daily basis work has been eye-opening, and it blows my mind that I wasn’t more curious about it before.


Has a particular setting, landscape, or cityscape influenced you?

I will forever be influenced by the martian colony setting in Philip K Dick’s Martian Time-Slip. It was a huge influence for my debut novel, A Glitch in the World, and the depiction of a developing, but futuristic society has left a lasting impression on me. There’s something about the frontier vibe on a different planet that really gives the story a unique feeling, and it makes me think even harder about the future than most other sci-fi does. I’m forever seeking out these unique angles in my fiction, and PKD has found many of them.


*If you’re interested in more of Alex Drozd’s writing, you can check out his short story, Precognition, here. His debut novel, A Glitch in the World, is also available on Amazon.


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