Statues in the Cloud (A Novel) – First Page

This video is the first page of my work-in-progress novel “Statues in the Cloud.”




I expect the novel will take several years to complete. In the meantime, I will post short excerpts in my short story and essay collection entitled: “Pure Writerly Moments”.on Wattpad.


If you enjoyed this video, please visit the link and leave a comment of encouragement:


The Synopsis – One day, a writer in Japan receives a letter from a young fan who is dying from a mysterious disease. The young fan, Aya, gives the writer a challenge — come to Nagasaki and help me find seven pieces of a statue. If you can help me do this simple thing, she tells him, you will have cured me. What the writer soon finds out is that finding the seven pieces means telling the stories of seven unique individuals: a politician, a soldier, a folk hero, a dancer, an AI, a writer, and the story of Aya herself.

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