It was the Internet Trolliest of Times

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of abundant data, it was the age of internet trolls and reality TV. It was the epoch of barbarism, it was the epoch of large-scale compassion. No time before had more abundance, no time before had more meanness. Education was abundant, yet no one could be bothered to read a book. We were all headed for easy riches, we were endorsing the destruction of our own safety nets. Hell was coming soon, Hell was every person who didn’t agree with your crass Twitter post. It was an age of outrage, and yet nothing was too outrageous. There was a man with a nappy toupee in a government capital, there was a man with a model’s face and a boyish smile directly north of him.

In short, it was a time so much like other ages of upheaval, so much like 1790 and 1900 and 1938 and 1945 and 1965 and 1989, that readers could be excused for thinking this blog post a re-run on late night TV, probably the Cosby Show. And years from now they will think I am talking about their own era.

*A special thanks to Charles Dickens and his classic “A Tale of Two Cities” for providing the inspiration for this bit of wordplay.*

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