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The Old Used Bookstore

Entering that gable-ended used bookstore, you found yourself in a narrow room, crowded with bookshelves, book stacks, boxes of books, more a place for discarded paper than a repository of knowledge. Such unaccountable masses of paper, must, mold, it seemed the nostalgic creation of some book-loving-or-hating Damien Hirst. But what confounds you the most in … Continue reading

A Review of “The Underground Novel”

A big thanks to Jason for reviewing “The Underground Novel” for his blog!   You can read the review by clicking on this link:   If you’re interested in reviewing the book, you can contact me directly at: ghostsofnagasaki [at] gmail [dot] com Continue reading

Economic Principles of a Literary Life 

A strong addiction and predilection to reading, writing, and other literary pursuits (often associated with hippies, bohemians, and people who wear tweed jackets) can also provide you with superior financial insights.   The following principles will illustrate my point.   A different approach to economics. Any person with literary insight will know the first sentence … Continue reading